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Coventry Biennial - The Twin


The Client 

Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art brings critically engaged, high quality contemporary visual art to the city of Coventry and surrounding area. Celebrating and promoting contemporary art and artists, the festival is rooted to the city of Coventry, its history and its future. The second Coventry Biennial will run from 4 October to 24 November 2019 across the city with the theme "The Twin", and comprising a series of exhibitions, events and activities about relationships.

The Challenge

To self-direct a brief that can research, communicate and demonstrate the nature and purpose of an area of graphic design communication to the client (Visual Concept Design, Typography, Infographic or Campaign Design). The task is to produce a client-facing campaign which describes the selected area of graphic design communication and its associated parts, and produce a series of proposed design outcomes, demonstrating the benefits of one of the four areas of graphic design communication.

The Big Idea

The communication problem with the Coventry Biennial is that not enough people are engaging with the biennial, it lacks a youthful commercial engagement aspect- there exists a need to brand it as an intrinsic part of the city of Coventry, not as a separate event, not as “just another exhibition”. This gap can be filed by designing a Visual Concept that can be gameified, participatory and interactive, to attract attention and boost involvement.



The project uses Line, Colour and Shape to create a series of twin mask sets which will be placed around the city as 3D poster installations, photo-ops, interactive art pieces, postcards etc.  Each piece is part of a set of two, with the twin placed at a different location, which the viewers will be prompted to find by going around the city. On finding both counterparts, the participant can record the findings on the Coventry Biennial website via a QR code to gain access to discounts and tickets to any of the biennial events. The end goal is to pique curiosity and increase footfall by tapping into unexplored audience sects, and branding the Biennial as a more youthful and fun event.

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Post-it Packs

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